Knees Over Toes Guy Equipment FULL LIST + Discount Codes

The knees over toes guy (Ben Patrick) has been seen using all sorts of different equipment over the years, much of which is quite specialized for the unique movements he incorporates into his training.

Whether you’re doing the ATG program or are simply looking to include some more knees over toes exercises into your own routine, having the right gear is going to make things a whole lot easier.

Below is a list of all the knees over toes specific equipment Ben Patrick uses in his training as well as a few other awesome recommendations

I’ve personally tested a large number of these items and will be writing detailed performance reviews over the next few months.

So without further ado, let’s jump right into it!

Best Overall Tool

Freak Athlete Essentials Tri-Flexor

FAE Tri-Flexor

I believe the Tri-Flexor is by far the single best piece of training equipment anyone doing the ATG program can own.


Tri-Flexor – The Most Versatile Piece Of ATG Equipment

The lads at Freak Athlete Essentials have designed an incredibly smart piece of kit which fulfills more needs of an ATG athlete than anything else on the market.

I like to think of it as a combination between a single leg tib bar and a MonkeyFeet.

Triflexor Diagram

The Tri-Flexor is based on Ben Patrick’s original tib bar prototype, yet is modified to be significantly more useful.

Use it as a regular tib bar…

Or use it as a MonkeyFeet to smash your hip flexors and hamstrings…

There’s a huge long laundry list of other cool stuff you can do with this thing too…

After testing the Tri-Flexor out, I came to realize it is actually significantly more effective than a regular single leg tib bar or a MonkeyFeet for reasons I reveal in my full Tri-Flexor review.

This thing is also super affordable and with my 20% discount, it’s an absolute steal!

If you’re going to get any ATG training equipment, the Tri-Flexor should be right at the top of your shopping list!


Best Tib Bar

FAE Iron Tib Bar

If you’re not training your tibialis anterior, you are missing out on one of the most powerful ways to develop your overall athletic capacity.


Tib Bar – The Ultimate Tibialis Anterior Trainer

By now you’re probably aware of the benefits of strengthening your tibialis.

This tiny muscle on the front of our shins is an absolute powerhouse for jumpers and runners and is the first line of defense when landing and contacting the ground.

After having personally tested almost every single tib bar on the market, I strongly believe the current best option is the Iron Tib Bar by Freak Athlete Essentials.

FAE Iron Tib Bar

It’s significantly cheaper than the alternatives and does at least as good of a job.

I personally use my Iron Tib Bar 3-4 times a week and absolutely love it – this is a piece of equipment I simply cannot live without!

Although I think this tib bar is an absolute no brainer, you’re more than welcome to check out my 2022 tib bar buyers guide so you end up getting the bar that’s perfect for your needs.


Knees Over Toes Sled

FAE Multi Sled

FAE Multi Sled

Freak Athlete Essentials have produced a super compact sled designed specifically for knees over toes training that costs less than $120!


Best Sled For Knees Over Toes Training

Sledding is the one exercise Ben Patrick does every single day. It’s the foundation for all other knees over toes movements.

Pushing a sled is one of the most effective ways to build your feet, Achilles, and quads, while pulling it is the ultimate VMO and knee bulletproofer.

Ben Patrick’s Sled Is Bulky, Expensive, & Complete Overkill!

If you wanted to recreate the exact same sled Ben Patrick uses in his videos, you’d need to order a Rogue Dog Sled 1.2 with duel cross bridge attachments, a wraparound rail attachment, and a separate ATG sled strap.

Knees Over Toes Guy's Sled

All in all, you’re looking at more than $600 to get the same sledding setup knees over toes guy uses!

This is waaaay too much money to spend on a sled if you’re merely using it for knees over toes training…

If you read my full article discussing the best sleds for knees over toes, I go into much more detail about the exact sled configuration Ben Patrick uses.

The Most Cost Effective Way To Sled In 2022

The boys at Freak Athlete Essentials have designed a sled that’s almost 5 times cheaper than the Rogue Dog Sled.

FAE Multi Surface Sled

The base unit of the Multi Sled costs just $99, but you’ll need to add a pair of upright Y posts for an extra $50 so that you can push the sled.

When you use my 20% discount code (JUMPSTRONGER), you’re looking at just $120 for this sled!

And it comes with a sled strap, so you have everything you need to start your ATG sled workouts right out of the box!

But Wait… There’s More!

One of the coolest things about this sled is the easy-unload feature that you won’t find on any other sled…

Once you’ve finished sledding, don’t break your back trying to unload the plates – simply pull the center pole out and slide the weights off!

Glowing Reviews From Early Testers

This sled hasn’t officially hit the market yet, but those who have had a chance to try the sled appear to love it!

Multi Sled Push

“My favorite by far. Ergonomic, easy to use, easy to store, looks good in the gym, and mobile for on the go trainers! Love the multi-sled.”

Range Hussein (top right)

These sleds tend to sell out fairly quickly, so order yours today before they’re back out of stock!


Slant Board

FAE Slant Board

FAE Slant Board

The guys at Freak Athlete Essentials have also produced a super affordable slant board that has the ideal incline angle for all variety of knees over toes exercises.


My Favorite Tool For ATG Training

I absolutely love these things for so many reasons.

Whether it’s working on developing ankle mobility through deep calf stretching, elevating your heels while squatting, or getting those Poliquin step ups in, a slant board is the first thing I’d purchase on this list!

What Slant Board Does Knees Over Toes Guy Use?

Over the years we’ve seen Ben using a variety of slant boards including the slant board from Slant Board Guy as well as the VMO board from Mr. 1NF1N1TY.

He appears to favor the SBG slant board as it features more frequently in his videos.

Most Affordable Slant Board For Knees Over Toes

Unfortunately the SBG slant board retails for $139 and the Shogun VMO board sells for $99 – neither of which are particularly cheap!

The Freak Athlete Essentials slant board? Just $50. This is even cheaper than the dodgy Amazon slant boards, especially when you use my discount code (JUMPSTRONGER) and get yourself a further 20% off!

Ideal Incline Angle For ATG

Aside from it being super affordable, the FAE slant board uses a 22° incline angle which is absolutely bang on the money for exercises like the Poliquin step up or Patrick step.

Slant Board ATG Split Squat

I’ve personally used the SBG slant board (which has a 30° incline angle) and found that it was slightly too steep for these exercises (although superior for stretching).

“I love this Slant Board. I have actually 2 other slant boards that I have bought online. This one however, the angle of the slant board is perfect for my heel elevated squats and calf raises. I’ve found from the other 2 that they either hurt my feet a lot when barefoot or slip off when im wearing shoes.”

J.L, FAE Website

These slant boards tend to sell out fairly quickly, so order yours today before they’re back out of stock!


Otherwise if you’d like to shop around a bit, be sure to check out my full roundup of the best slant boards for knees over toes training!




The MonkeyFeet is a tool which allows you to attach dumbbells to your feet, making it by far the most convenient way to train your hip flexors.


MonkeyFeet – The Ultimate Hip Flexor Workout

The one thing that separates Olympic sprinters from us mere mortals is their insane hip extensor (glute) and hip flexor development.

As far as hip flexor training equipment goes, the MonkeyFeet is one of the easiest and most effective ways to train this muscle group.

If you’re not regularly hitting your hip flexors using the MonkeyFeet, Tri-Flexor, or with a reverse squat strap, you’re leaving serious gains on the table!

MonkeyFeet Side Profile

You simply clamp the MonkeyFeet onto a dumbbell, stick your foot in, and strap it down tight. Now you can lift weights with your feet!

Want to find out more? Check out my full MonkeyFeet review!


Nordic Weight Bench

TBG Nordic Weight Bench

TBG Nordic Weight Bench

Mastering the Nordic hamstring curl does not happen overnight… But with the Nordic weight bench, working your way through Nordic regressions has never been so simple!


The Easiest Way To Master The Nordic!

The vast majority of athletes can’t get anywhere near a full Nordic…

Most people likely have months of grinding away at regressions until they’ll be strong enough just to perform an eccentric Nordic…

Historically there was no simple and elegant solution for regression work and people would come up with all sorts of creative ways to regress this movement…

Before The Nordic Weight Bench…

Here’s a few examples of what you’d have to do to learn the Nordic…

Nordic Regression Setup 1

This guy looks like he’s robbed a mattress store to get enough padding to elevate his chest during early regression work… Don’t even get me started on his ghetto Nordic bench!

This guy’s gone for the DIY Nordic bar approach and attached a 2x4 to his porch and used a pool noodle for ankle padding.

He’s also got a $20 knee pad, 3 different types of resistance bands, a stack of pavement tiles for chest support (which you can’t see in this photo), and an extremely patient partner!

… And it gets worse!

This guy’s got 200lbs on a barbell which has been wedged between his squat rack and some weight plates on the floor… He’s using a barbell pad for ankle padding and some more padding for his knees… He’s got a second barbell in the rack loaded up with 130lbs to act as a counterbalance while he uses a resistance band to lower himself to the floor…

Surely… Surely there’s an easier way!?

The Nordic Weight Bench: Most Elegant Solution For Nordic Regressions!

The Tib Bar Guy has created one of the coolest inventions we’ve ever seen in the ATG/knees over toes space.

This bench allows you to comfortably regress your Nordics to the perfect level of difficulty, regardless of where you’re at on your road to Nordic supremacy.

If one of your goals is to eventually master the Nordic, save yourself the headache and just get one of these benches!

Plus you can do so much other cool stuff with it like trap 3 raises as well as all your standard upper body work!

Crazy Affordable!

These things are ridiculously affordable at just $239!

A proper Nordic bench costs $600+ and they aren’t going to help you one bit when it comes to regressions!


Check out my full TBG Nordic Weight Bench review.

Or check out my full breakdown discussing the best Nordic benches of 2022. There’s some incredibly affordable and innovative new solutions on the market!

Nordic Mini Bench

FAE Nordic Mini Bench

FAE Nordic Mini Bench

Another really affordable option for Nordic hamstring curls is the Mini Bench by Freak Athlete Essentials which is a fraction of the size and a fraction of the cost of a Rogue Nordic bench!


Best Budget Nordic Bench

While we’re on the topic of Nordics, another excellent product worth mentioning here is the Nordic Mini Bench from Freak Athlete Essentials, a relatively new company which aims to make really affordable knees over toes/ATG equipment.

This Nordic bench is far smaller and more portable than the Rogue bench and is a very practical and affordable option for anyone looking to improve their Nordic.

You’ll still have to stack some boxes/padding under your chest to get your regression/concentrics in (or use your hands to support your chest) and you’ll probably need some weight plates to stick on the back as a counterbalance.

These Nordic benches tend to sell out super quickly so order yours ASAP!


Nordic Bench

Rogue Nordic Bench

Rogue Nordic Bench

If you’re already a gun at Nordics, consider getting a proper Nordic bench. These things are the easiest and most comfortable way to perform eccentric or full Nordics.

Rogue Nordic Bench – The Ultimate For Nordics

If you’re a serious athlete who is doing Nordics regularly, then it makes a lot of sense to invest in a proper Nordic bench.

This is by far the best way to do Nordic hamstring curls as it’s super robust and amazingly convenient.

This is the exact bench Ben Patrick uses at home and it actually happens to be one of the most affordable options on the market.

It’s still not cheap at around $600, but most other Nordic benches go for north of $1,000!

If you’re doing plenty of Nordics and have the cash, this is one piece of equipment you’ll absolutely love using.

Nordic Strap

Mr. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun Triple Flexion Nordic Strap

MR. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun Nordic Strap

If you’re just looking for a cheap and easy way to perform Nordics, or want to bring your Nordic workouts on the road with you, a Nordic strap is super handy.


Nordic Strap – Most Affordable Nordic Curl Option

The Nordic strap is the simplest and most effective way to perform Nordic hamstring curls at home or on the go!

Mr. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun Triple Flexion Nordic Strap

It straps your ankles to any training bench, which means you don’t need to spend a ton of cash on a fancy Nordic bench.

By far the best Nordic strap on the market is the Mr. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun Nordic strap due to its superior materials and durability.

It’s also the only Nordic strap which comes with ankle padding which I absolutely love.

The best part is how insanely affordable this thing is and it’s an absolute steal when you slap my 10% discount on top!


Want to shop around? Check out my full comparison of the best Nordic straps in 2022!

Squat Wedges

Harderwill Heel Wedge

Harderwill Squat Wedges

If you’re looking for a simple and effective way to elevate your heels so you can perform full range knees over toes squats, a set of squat wedges is an absolute must.

ATG Heel Wedge – Simple Solution For Better Squats

Squatting using either a slant board or heel wedge allows you to get a much fuller squat and it also demands a lot more from your quads, namely your VMOs.

Many slant boards aren’t ideal for squatting on. Standing on top of a weight plate is also not so great because your balance is seriously compromised.

A pair of Harderwill squat wedges is the safest and most convenient way to perfect the ATG squat as well as the ATG split squat.

They also double as a slant board which makes them a super versatile piece of equipment for all sorts of movements!

Or check out my full list of the current best ATG heel wedges on the market!

Single Leg Tib Bar

TBG Solo Tib Bar

TBG Solo Tib Bar

The Solo Tib Bar is one of the most effective ways to train not only your tibialis anterior, but a whole host of other very important lower leg muscles as well.


Single Leg Tib Bar: Superior To Regular Tib Bar?

Since receiving my Solo Tib Bar, I’m slowly starting to think it might actually be superior to a standard tib bar.

With a regular tib bar, you can only dorsiflex your ankle which does a great job of hitting your tibs, but ignores a lot of the other lower leg muscles.

With a single foot tib bar, in addition to regular tib curls, you can also perform circular rotations like I’m doing below which absolutely light up your peroneals.

This gives you the most comprehensive lower leg workout possible.

Ben Patrick has also spoken about how this exercise is fantastic for clearing out scar tissue from old ankle injuries.

If you want super healthy and bulletproof ankles, definitely consider checking out my full roundup of the best single leg tib bars!

Floss Bands

MR. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun Floss Bands

MR. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun Floss Bands

Flossing the knees can be a great way to temporarily improve mobility and remove knee pain, allowing you to get some really quality squats in.


Floss Bands – Fix Knee Pain & Increase Mobility

If you’ve got a particularly dodgy set of knees but still aspire to the knees over toes lifestyle, a set of floss bands is going to give you the relief you need so you can actually get through your sets.

These things are super easy to put on and feel absolutely incredible to squat in.

Flossing the knees if often referred to as voodoo flossing because of the scary incredible results you get from it.

So if you have any knee pain or discomfort that hinders your ability to get through a full knees over toes workout, definitely get yourself a pair of floss bands.


Reverse Squat Strap

Freak Athlete Essentials Reverse Squat Strap

FAE Reverse Squat Strap

After using MonkeyFeet, the reverse squat is the next best exercise for training your hip flexors and having an actual reverse squat strap makes this movement a whole lot easier.


Reverse Squat Strap – Hip Flexor Domination

The reverse squat is one of the most effective ways to absolutely slam the hip flexors and it’s quickly becoming one of Ben Patrick’s favorite movements.

Not only is this, along with the MonkeyFeet, an incredible hip flexor movement, but it also hits the lower abs unlike anything else.

Unfortunately you won’t find a strap or attachment that works well for this exercise in most gyms.

By far the best reverse squat strap on the market is the Freak Athlete Essentials reverse squat strap which is identical to most of the other straps and it’s significantly cheaper!

Plus with my discount code you’ll save even more!

It’s an identical strap to the one used in the above clip and at less than $20 it’s an absolute steal!


Don’t want to wait for your strap? Check out my full article discussing the best reverse squat straps where I reveal the next best strap you can order today!

Final Verdict?

So you might be wondering which of the above equipment is the most important for knees over toes/ATG training?

I agree it’s probably unnecessary to have all of the above…

If there was one piece of equipment I would recommend above all else, it’s the FAE Tri-Flexor because it’s super versatile, extremely effective, and ridiculously affordable.

The next two items I personally get the most use out of are my FAE Iron Tib Bar as well as my slant board so I’d recommend starting there if you’re looking for the essentials.

After those two, it’s a close one between the TBG Nordic Bench and a knees over toes sled, so make sure you check out my recommendations for those as well!

At the end of the day, all of these items are great and make each of the various knees over toes exercises more practical and enjoyable to perform!

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