5 Best Vertical Jump Testers In 2022

Buying a vertical jump tester can be a daunting task.

There’s very little information on the web about these devices and they’re really expensive, so you want to make sure you get it right.

Having measured my vertical using a vertec hundreds of times in the past, I know all about these devices and can help you decide what product is right for your needs.

Most of these vertical jump measuring devices fall into one of two categories: a vertec or a vertical jump mat.

My Top Picks:

Just Jump Mat



Click here to learn more about the process used to compile this list of recommendations.

Both options work extremely well, but have certain advantages and disadvantages which you need to know about.

In this article I’m going to run you through the pros and cons of each of the different vertical jump testers on the current market, and I’ll do my best to help you decide which option is best for you.

Let’s begin!

Best Value Vertec

PowerMax Vertical Jump Trainer

PowerMax Vertec

This vertical jump tester is the perfect mix between functionality, versatility, and affordability. This vertec is ideal for both standing and running vertical jump measurement and it’s also the most affordable vertical jump tester on the market!

Best Budget Vertical Jump Tester

Most vertecs are very similar in nature and only have minor design differences such as the type of metal, the knobs used to secure the pole, the wheels, and design of the base.

This vertec will measure in half-inch increments up to 12′ or 365cm in the air which will be plenty high for 99% of athletes.

For elite jumpers clearing this height, you can raise the vertec on a box or some weight plates to increase the measurement height.

PowerMax Vertec

One very small drawback of this vertec is that the lowest measurement height is 95″ which is just under 8 feet.

For very young/short athletes, they won’t be able to reach the lowest pane when measuring standing reach. This means you’ll need to obtain their standing reach measurement some other way, which is a minor inconvenience…

This vertec is made of aluminum as opposed to steel so it’s definitely on the more lightweight side, which makes it easier to wheel around, but could also raise questions over durability.

It will definitely require a couple of small weight plates to act as counterbalances on the base.

Vertec Counterbalance

Considering this vertec sells for almost $100 less than the Jump USA vertec, the PowerMax vertec is a decent option for anyone on a budget.

I probably wouldn’t recommend this product for anyone testing a very large number of athletes on a regular/frequent basis.

These things tend to cop an absolute beating and I’d be somewhat concerned about how well this device would hold up compared to the more durable options.

For personal, infrequent, or moderate use, this is the ideal choice.

Recommended Use

This is the most affordable vertec on the market and although it’s fairly lightweight, it’s still going to be a great option for the majority of users. A vertec is really the only choice if you’re looking to test both standing and running vertical jumps. For anyone testing really large volumes of athletes, I’d recommend upgrading to the Jump USA vertec. Vertecs do have wheels, but do need to be disassembled if you want to take them to and from the gym, so they’re not the most portable testers.

The Good

You can test not only standing vertical jump but running/approach jumps using a vertec also.

This is one of the most affordable vertical jump testing devices on the market!

The Bad

Aluminum frame could raise questions over quality/durability.

*Note: The SimpliFaster store is the most reputable place to purchase these from. Stocks are running extremely low at the moment, so you may need to hunt around for alternatives if they’re sold out. I did some research but SF was the only place I could confidently recommend. Use other retailers at your own risk!

Best Overall Vertec

Jump USA Vertec

Jump USA Vertec

Although it’s far from perfect, the Jump USA vertec is probably the best overall vertec on the market. With a frame made from solid steel, it should be more durable than the PowerMax vertec and is a great option for anyone testing larger volumes of athletes.

Best Overall Vertical Jump Tester

With the Gill Athletics vertec (this was the Rolls Royce of vertecs, used in the NFL combine) recently being discontinued, the Jump USA vertec is really the only other player in the vertec game.

The Jump USA vertec is constructed with steel, making it a bit more solid than the PowerMax aluminum setup.

JumpUSA Vertec

It measures the standard 6′ – 12′ in height and has color coded vanes in half-inch increments.

There were unfortunately a few complaints about this particular vertec, mainly to do with the pole being extremely stiff and difficult to extend initially. You’ll likely have to use some WD-40 to get it moving smoothly.

You may also need to get a couple of small weight plates to sit on either end of the base to act as a counterbalance.

If you can look past that, this vertec is about as good as it gets!

Recommended Use

This is a more heavy duty vertec that’s ideal for testing larger volumes of athletes. Being made of steel it’s likely going to be a little more durable than the PowerMax vertec.

The Good

This vertec is only ~$75 more expensive than the PowerMax system and has a stronger, steel frame.

The Bad

A few complaints about the stiffness of the pole and issues with wingnuts not threading through poorly tapped holes.

*Note: The Power Systems store is by far the best place to buy a Jump USA vertec… These vertecs are available on the official Jump USA website, but they’re listed for $899 as opposed to the $750 you’ll pay if you go via Power Systems. If they’re out of stock on Power Systems, consider Sports Imports.

Best Jump Mat

Just Jump Mat

Just Jump Mat

If you’re looking for a super portable, extremely simple device to quickly and accurately test your standing vertical jump, the Just Jump vertical jump mat is your best option.

Best Vertical Jump Mat

If you’re only really interested in testing your standing vertical jump, the Just Jump mat is, in my opinion, by far the best method.

This device is able to calculate your jump height by measuring your hang time.

It’s as simple as hitting the on button, jumping, and then seeing how high you jumped (displays on the hand held controller)!

There’s plenty of stats you can track such as reactive strength index (RSI) by using the ‘4 jump mode’.

You can also try the ’60 jump mode’ which will calculate how well you deal with fatigue over time.

Vertical jump mats, although they’re not perfect, have been proven to be very accurate and are a great way to track your personal progress over time.1https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/24852256/

The best part about this device is that it’s extremely portable compared to something like a vertec which is super inconvenient to transport.

As far as price goes, these cost about the same as a cheap vertec, making them one of the most affordable options on the market.

Recommended Use

The Just Jump mat is ideal for anyone only concerned with testing their standing vertical jump (and not approach jump). It’s also the most portable vertical jump tester, making it great for traveling trainers.

The Good

Extremely quick and easy to set up and operate.

Extremely portable.

This is one of the most affordable pieces of vertical jump testing equipment.

The Bad

You can’t test your running vertical jump with these.

*Note: The two best places to get the Just Jump mat are either Power Systems or SimpliFaster. Both of these vendors stock the device at the most competitive rates, however stocks are extremely limited and they’re often sold out! The Just Jump mat doesn’t currently retail on Amazon either unfortunately.

Best For Elite Athletes


EZEJump Mat

If you’re looking for a digital solution which can track athlete performance and output an amazing array of metrics and analytics, the EZEJump is the best vertical jump mat on the market!

Best Vertical Jump Tester For Tracking & Analytics

Coaches working with professional or elite athletes will really benefit from being able to get detailed insights into vertical jump performance.

I believe the EZEJump is the best vertical jump mat on the market in 2022 because of the mobile app which comes with it that displays all sorts of jump data.

These devices are expensive, but they’re all you need as far as professional grade testing, tracking, and analytics go.

Be sure to check out my article discussing the best vertical jump mats for more information as to why this jump mat is superior to the rest!

Recommended Use

The EZEJump mat is the best professional-grade option for college-level and professional sports organizations. They’re extremely popular with football and rugby teams.

The Good

Great range of data, statistics, and analytics trackable on the free mobile app.

Can test and track more than just vertical jump using this device.

Significantly more affordable than a force plate.

The Bad

These cost about 3x as much as a Just Jump mat.

Running vertical jump can’t be tested using these.

*Note: The SimpliFaster store is the quickest and easiest place to buy these from. They’re also available on the Swift Performance website but you have to ‘request a quote’ which requires a bit of back and forth before you can make a purchase.

Best Wall Mounted Vertec

Jump USA Wall Mounted Vertec

Jump USA Wall Mounted Vertec

Jump USA also produce a wall mounted version of their vertec which is an excellent option for anyone looking to save some space.

Best Wall Mounted Vertec

If you’re looking to deck out your gym with a vertec, but don’t have enough room for a freestanding vertec, a wall mounted design might be the way to go.

The vertec arm swings 15 inches away from the wall for jump testing and then stores flat against the wall when not in use.

You still have your standard 6′ – 12′ measurement range with this option, however for elite jumpers who can clear 12 feet, there’s no way you can raise this vertec any higher (unless you wanted to move the whole unit further up the wall).

The Jump USA wall mounted vertec is by far the best wall mounted option.

Avoid The Tandem Vertical Challenger!

Tandem Sport also make a wall mounted vertec (called the Vertical Challenger) but it is an extremely poorly designed product.

One user reported that the swing arm was 5 degrees off vertical which completely distorts results. They received a replacement with the same issue, so it appears all these vertecs will be slightly inaccurate.

Tandem Vertical Challenger Wall Mounted

On top of that, the swing arm doesn’t lock into place and will often swing around when an athlete hits the vanes.

The vanes are placed 1 inch apart as opposed to half-inch increments, so your measurements will be less accurate.

The measurement vanes are also extremely thin and cheap and don’t look like they’ll hold up.

Yes, it is a fair bit cheaper than the Jump USA wall mounted vertec, but I wouldn’t go near it.

Recommended Use

This is a fantastic option for anyone who doesn’t have enough room to store or transport a vertec, but could find a wall to mount one on. They are the same price as a regular vertec, however, so it’s not going to make sense for everyone.

The Good

Takes up significantly less space than a standalone vertec.

The Bad

Will cost the same as a standard vertec.

Not ideal for freakish athletes who can clear 12′ in the air, as you can’t raise this device any higher than that.

*Note: The Power Systems store is my recommended place to buy one of these, but if they’re out of stock try Sports Imports. These units are also available on the official Jump USA website, but at a $35-$50 premium, so I’d avoid them if possible.

Final Verdict?

If you want to test for running vertical jump, make sure you go for a vertec.

The PowerMax vertec is the most affordable option currently or, if you wanted something a little more robust, the Jump USA vertec is as good as it gets currently.

If you don’t need to test your running vertical jump, then perhaps a vertical jump mat is going to be the best option for you.

I recommend the Just Jump System for the majority of users and the EZEJump mat for elite sports performance organizations.

My Vertical Jump Tester Review Process

I always make it my mission to be as comprehensive as possible with these product reviews so I can be as helpful as possible to my readers.

Unfortunately, I’ve not yet been able to personally test any of these vertical jump testers, as getting products imported into the Kingdom of Thailand (where I’m currently based) can be a fairly slow and arduous process…

How Do I Know What I’m Talking About?

Having trained full time in an elite development program as a volleyballer for a number of years, I’ve tested my vertical well over 100 times in my life, so I have a lot of experience, particularly with vertecs.

I can’t quite remember which brand vertec we used, so in the interest of full transparency I can’t yet speak about any of the products in this article from first hand experience.

I do have plans to do some more detailed testing and reviews of each of these products while I’m in the USA next year. At that point I’ll be able to update this article with more accurate information.

Research Process

I spent a good couple of days finding out as much information as possible about each of the vertical jump testers discussed in this article.

I read all the reviews and came up with this list of what I believe are the 5 best testers in today’s market.

Until recently, I had the vertec by Gill Athletics as the top vertical jump tester, but they’ve recently sold out and I’m told they’ve been discontinued.

It seems the market for vertecs in particular is quite bleak at the moment, with only the PowerMax and Jump USA devices being available in very limited quantities.

Continually Updating With New Products & Information

As I gain more experience with these products, I’ll be updating this article so that you know exactly how my feelings towards each product evolve over time.

I’m also constantly on the hunt for new vertical jump testers that can offer value to the marketplace for inclusion in this article.

Feel free to read more about my product testing standards and review process.

Vertical Jump Test Equipment Price Guide

Below I’ve tabulated the rough prices for each of the 5 vertical jump testers discussed in this article.

PreviewVertical Jump TesterTypical Price
PowerMax VertecPowerMax Vertec$675
Just Jump SystemJust Jump Mat$750
Jump USA VertecJump USA Vertec$750
Jump USA Wall Mounted VertecJump USA Wall Mounted Vertec$760
EZEJumpEZEJump Mat$2,490

Please note that these prices definitely do fluctuate over time, so make sure you confirm the prices if you’re considering multiple options.

What Is The Price Of A Vertec?

Currently you can expect to pay anywhere from $675 to $825 for a vertec.

This range in price is actually quite small, but the range in quality is quite large, so I always recommend paying the extra $100 or so to upgrade from a budget vertec to a top of the range option.

Cheap Vertical Jump Testers

The cheapest vertical jump tester actually worth looking at is the PowerMax vertec at around $675.

Unfortunately there’s no real accurate and convenient way to test your vertical jump for much less than this.

The Tandem Vertical Jump Challenger used to be an option, but it’s been sold out for years. To be honest, that’s a good thing as it was a horribly manufactured product with severe quality issues.

The Tandem Vertical Jump Challenger does have a wall mounted option for $450, however it’s also very poorly designed and isn’t something I’d recommend anyone buy. See above for more information as to why.

When it comes to vertecs, I highly recommend spending the extra couple hundred bucks to ensure you’re going to get a product that will function for years and won’t be riddled with issue out of the box like some of the cheaper vertecs are!

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