6 Best Slant Boards In 2023 (For Knees Over Toes)

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You would think that shopping for a slant board would be fairly straight forward: just find a decent hunk of wood that isn’t too expensive… right?

If only it were that simple!

The reality is that we live in an era of cheap Amazon products which tend to fall apart just from looking at them for too long!

Currently I am personally performance testing each of the slant boards on this list, so I can tell you exactly which slant boards are worth getting, and which aren’t.

Best Slant Boards – At A Glance

  1. Best For ATG- Mr. 1NF1N1TY X Shogun VMO Pro
  2. Best Overall – Slant Board Guy
  3. Best Budget Slant Board – FAE Slant Board
  4. Also Great For ATG – TBG Slant Stack
  5. Best Foam Slant Board – Lumia Wellness Foam Slant Board
  6. Also Decent – StrongTek Slant Board

Best For ATG

Shogun VMO Pro
  • Adjusts from 20-40° incline angle
  • Raises 6″ off the ground (ideal for Poliquin step ups)


Best Overall

SBG Slant Board
  • Incredible traction
  • 30° Incline angle
  • Large surface area & no front lip


Budget Slant Board

FAE Slant Board
  • Largest slant board on the market
  • 30° Incline angle
  • Significantly more affordable


A slant board is an absolutely critical piece of equipment for knees over toes training, so let me help you get the right one!

Let’s begin!

Best For Knees Over Toes


Shogun VMO Pro


MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun VMO Pro

This slant board doubles as a step up box, making it one of the most versatile and portable solutions for Poliquin/Patrick step ups.


If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Best Slant Board For ATG

The VMO Pro is an extremely unique piece of equipment: it’s some sort of hybrid between a slant board and a step up box.

This thing can be raised 6 inches off the ground, which makes it fantastic for a whole range of ATG/knees over toes related exercises.


Now you not only have a regular slant board which adjusts from a 20° to 40° incline angle, making it great for squats and static stretching, but it’s also perfect for Patrick/Poliquin/Peterson step ups!

There’s no other solution on the market that allows you to do step ups as conveniently as the VMO Pro, not even the Slant Stack!

It’s also significantly more portable than the Slant Stack, making it my favorite option for anyone doing lots of Poliquin step ups!

Be sure to read my full VMO Pro review for more information!

Recommended Use

This is the most portable option or anyone who wants to travel with their slant board and also wants a convenient solution for step ups.

The Good

This is the only slant board on the market which doubles as a step up box!

Incline angle adjusts from 20-40°, making it ideal for both squats and static stretching.

The VMO Pro folds completely flat, making it the most portable slant board on the market!

High quality steel construction makes this slant board super robust and durable

The Bad

Lacks stability during certain movements when raised.


Best Overall Slant Board


SBG Slant Board


Slant Board Guy

If you’re after a heavy duty, premium slant board that is exceptionally well designed and will last forever, the Slant Board Guy is the best in the business!


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Best Overall Slant Board

When it comes to slant boards, the team at Slant Board Guy have been leading the charge and have established themselves as the leading brand.

The SBG slant board is made of solid structural wood and is sturdy enough to handle literally anything you put on it!

There’s good reason Ben Patrick uses his SBG slant board more than his other ones!

Extremely Grippy Surface

The SBG slant board uses a skateboard-like grip tape covering the entire unit.

It is extremely grippy, so you’ll never have to worry about traction regardless of what exercises you’re doing.

Slant Board Guy Slant Board Grip Surface

Many slant boards have issues with their grip peeling off, or not having it to begin with, but you won’t get that with the SBG board.

I will mention that you have to be super careful when using this slant board barefoot. The edges are quite sharp and the grip tape surface will rip your feet open if you’re not careful and bump into it!

Handling the slant board I’ve noticed also tends to leave your hands covered in some sort of grip residue? Since it’s practically made of sandpaper, it feels as though the slant board is exfoliating the skin on your hands when you pick it up!

Perhaps this phenomenon will go away over time once I’ve broken it in a little more.

Great For Barefoot Use

Despite being quite sharp, I prefer using my SBG slant board when barefoot as the grip is so superior. My feet tend to slip off of other slant boards with worse traction, which is magnified when you have sweaty feet!

The smooth flat ramp is also significantly better for barefoot use than other products which have a lip/drop off at the bottom.

The lip you see on the FAE and Shogun slant boards can be quite uncomfortable when using them barefoot, but you don’t have this issue with the SBG slant board.

Super Sharp 30° Incline Angle

This slant board has a 30° incline which is definitely on the steeper end of things.

Personally, I think it’s a little too sharp for squats and step ups as this makes it a little difficult to drive through your heels, which isn’t ideal when using heavier weights.

It is however absolutely fantastic for static calf stretching and is one of the best options for getting that nice deep calf/Achilles stretch in.

Optimal Surface Area For Squats & Big Feet!

At 19.6″x12.6″, this is the second largest slant board on the market, which makes it great for us big footed folks.

As someone with size 13 feet, one of the issues I have using smaller slant boards is my feet not completely fitting, which reduces the stability of my movements.

This one’s the perfect size for me and any other big footed athletes!

They’re also really lightweight at under 3kg which means they’re still fairly portable and relatively easy to kick around the place.

Huge Range Of Colors & Customizable

SBG offers a range of 6 different colors for their slant board as well as customized printing, so you can have your logo printed on your board for an extra $40!

Jump Stronger Custom Slant Board

Be sure to check out my full Slant Board Guy review!

Recommended Use

This is a fantastic all-rounder and can be used for static stretching as well as knees over toes exercises. It’s also one of the best choices for anyone training with heavy external loads.

The Good

Grippier surface than any other slant board!

Large surface area makes it a great option for anyone with big feet.

Sharp incline angle is ideal for calf stretching.

Wide range of colors and customizable printing options.

The Bad

Grip surface is quite harsh; be careful when going barefoot.

Extremely expensive – at around $140, this slant board is quite a bit more expensive than the alternatives.


Best Budget Slant Board


FAE Slant Board

FAE Slant Board

Slant boards can get pretty damn expensive, so the guys at Freak Athlete Essentials designed a slant board that costs less than $50. It’s also designed specifically for knees over toes/ATG training!


If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Best Value Slant Board For Knees Over Toes

Several of the slant boards on this list cost over $100 so when the lads at Freak Athlete Essentials listed their slant board for just $49.99, they had my attention.

At less than half the price of competitors and designed specifically for knees over toes exercises like Patrick/Poliquin step ups, ATG split squats, calf raises, and full ROM squats, it’s really hard to go past this slant board…

Perfect Incline Angle

The 22° incline angle is, from my experience, perfect when it comes to doing Patrick steps, Poliquin step ups, and any sort of squat variation.

I’ve found the 30° angle used in the Slant Board Guy product to be slightly too steep for this particular purpose (although it’s great for stretching).

Largest Surface Area Of Any Slant Board

One of my favorite things about this slant board is that it’s big.

Slant BoardDimensions
*FAE Slant Board*20″ x 12″
SBG Slant Board19.7″ x 12.6″
TBG Slant Board19.5″ x 11″
StrongTek Slant Board16.5″ x 13.2″
Mr. 1NF1N1TY Slant Board15.5″ x 14″
Yes4All Slant Board14.5″ x 14.5″
Lumia Foam Slant Board12″ x 11.5″

Why is this so important? Because you want your entire foot on the face of the slant board when doing knees over toes movements.

At least half of these slant boards are simply too small to get your whole foot on the slant board.

Knees over toes training attracts a lot of tall athletes with massive feet from sports like basketball. I also have size 13 feet, so the bigger the better!

Extremely Well Designed Grip

This slant board uses a textured rubber finish which provides more than enough grip for every possible use.

FAE Slant Board Rubber Grip

I found the skateboard-like grip tape surface used by other slant boards to be extremely harsh, especially when using them barefoot. I actually managed to cut my foot open when bumping into my SBG slant board!

The rubber surface of the FAE slant board is way less brutal but is still really effective.

Watch Out For The Lip!

I’d prefer to see a smooth, seamless front edge on this slant board, as it allows you to partially elevate your feet (heels only) with a little more stability.

However, since this slant board is so large and the 22° incline angle is relatively tame, this is never really going to be an issue as you can easily get your entire foot on the board.

You can probably tell I had to try pretty hard to find something I disliked about this slant board!

Unbeatable Price

I’ve been told the price of this slant board will stay at around $50 and if you use my 10% discount code (JUMPSTRONGER), you’ll be able to get it for just $45!

This is significantly cheaper than anything else on the market.

Even the junkier Amazon slant boards are far more expensive than this one!

Recommended Use

This slant board is ideal for anyone doing any knees over toes movements. It’s also the best option for anyone with large feet. And it’s definitely the best choice for anyone on a budget!

The Good

The 22° incline angle is ideal for knees over toes movements.

Large surface area: perfect for big feet.

Textured rubber grip is effective yet not too harsh.

Significantly more affordable than any other slant board on the market.

The Bad

Slight lip on the front edge.


Also Great For ATG


Tib Bar Guy Slant Stack

TBG Slant Stack

If you’re deep into the ATG/knees over toes lifestyle, being able to adjust the height of your slant board will come in super handy for those Poliquin/Peterson step ups!


If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Another Great Option For ATG

One of the core knees over toes exercises is the Poliquin step up, used to develop the VMO and assist with building specific strength for the ATG split squat.

Tib Bar Guy’s Slant Stack is the safest and most elegant way of performing any raised platform heel elevated exercises.

The easily adjustable stack height means you’ll be able to seamlessly progress from Patrick Steps through to weighted Poliquin and Peterson step ups.

Gone are the days where you’d have to labor over stacking heavy weight plates on top of each other just to create a high enough platform…

The entire slant stack is rock solid and significantly more stable than many of the ghetto improvised setups I’ve seen people using for these exercises!

Recommended Use

This is the best choice for anyone following the knees over toes/ATG training program who will regularly be performing Patrick steps, Poliquin and Peterson step ups, as well as calf raises.

The Good

Completely height adjustable, making it ideal for reverse step ups.

Really affordable – You can get the Slant Stack for the same price as the SBG slant board!

The Bad

The slant board which comes with the Slant Stack is made of plastic. It appears robust enough, but it’s hard to say how durable the actual slant board is.


Also Decent


StrongTek Slant Board

StrongTek Slant Board

This is one of the most durable and feature-packed slant boards available at a fairly affordable price.

If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Another Decent Slant Board Option…

Made from plywood, the StrongTek slant board is another decent adjustable slant board worth considering…

Most Effective Incline Angles

The best thing about this slant board is that it has some excellent incline angles for knees over toes exercises: 15/20/25/30/35° angle options.

StrongTek Adjustable Slant Board

You NEED To Get The Extra Large Option!

The standard version of this slant board is definitely too narrow at just 16″ x 12.5″, but you can upgrade to the extra large version that is 18″ x 16″, which is going to be especially important because of the lip on the front edge.

You can’t comfortably hang the front of your feet off this board because of that steep front edge, so having a larger surface area is really important.

You simply won’t be able to comfortably do shoulder width squats on the standard version of this slant board.

Most Affordable Adjustable Slant Board

The extra large StrongTek slant board retails for around the $75 mark, which is a nice bit cheaper than the Shogun slant board.

This slant board is a really nice blend of functionality at a very affordable rate.

Recommended Use

This slant board is very popular for any sort of rehab protocol and is ideal for static stretching. It also performs just fine for squats. Great option for anyone who liked the Shogun or SBG slant boards but want something a little more affordable.

The Good

Good range of incline angles.

Really affordable – This is the cheapest adjustable slant board on this list.

The Bad

This is the heaviest slant board on the market at 9lbs!

Large front lip.

Best Foam Slant Board


Lumia Wellness Foam Slant Board

Lumia Wellness Foam Slant Board

If you’re looking for a softer option that’s great for bare foot use, the Lumia Wellness foam slant board is very popular with yoga practitioners!

If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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Best Foam Slant Board For Yoga

This foam slant board is actually a 4 piece set which gives you great control over your incline angle…

8, 16, & 24° Incline Angles

The 4 piece set contains 2×8° blocks as well as 2×16° blocks which can be used on their own or combined to create a 24° incline angle.

This is a really nice angle for a variety of knees over toes exercises.

Ideal For Yoga

These slant boards are great particularly for yoga because they’re separate units which means you can move them around and position them as necessary for various yoga poses.

Yoga Slant Board

It’s made of EVA foam so it’s solid but soft at the same time, which is why they’re so popular for yoga.

Easily the safest slant board on the market!

You do unfortunately only get 8, 16, or 24° of incline using these, which is considerably flatter than a lot of the other options.

Fairly Low Weight Limit

Unfortunately the weight limit is only 250lbs and since it’s made of foam, it lacks the rigidity/hardness necessary for heavier externally loaded exercises.

Foam Slant Board

They’re also kind of small at around 11.5″ in length, so if you’ve got really big feet, the front of your feet will come off the slant board.

Super Affordable

These things go for close to $30, so they’re an extremely affordable option for the right person!

Recommended Use

This isn’t the best option for knees over toes training as the foam design lacks rigidity and they’re also too small for athletes with large feet. I would recommend this option for yoga and very basic stretching/bodyweight movements only.

The Good

Extremely safe – great option for children and barefoot use.

Extremely cheap – this is the cheapest slant board option on the market!

The Bad

Low weight capacity – The foam design lacks rigidity and doesn’t provide enough stability for heavy loads.

Final Verdict?

I’ll briefly summarize my recommendations based on a range of different needs…

Best Value For Money

As far as value for money goes, it’s really difficult to beat the slant board from Freak Athlete Essentials which is more than 3 times cheaper than the Slant Board Guy option!

It’s ideal for all kinds of knees over toes movements and won’t break the bank.

Great All Rounder

If you’re planning on doing a ton of squats and other heavy lifting, as well as static calf stretching, the SBG slant board is a fantastic, heavy duty slant board that can handle anything you throw at it.

Best For Reverse Step Ups & ATG

If you’re deep in the ATG/knees over toes weeds, definitely consider opting for the VMO Pro as you’re going to get plenty of use out of the platform when doing all of the various step ups and SL calf raises.

Best Alternative

You may also want to consider getting an ATG heel wedge if you’re looking for some slightly more affordable options to do squats and other knees over toes exercises with.

My Slant Board Testing & Review Process

I always make it my mission to be as comprehensive as possible with these product reviews so I can be as helpful as possible to my audience.

When I first published this article, there was absolutely no other content on the internet comparing and contrasting each of the available slant boards when it comes to knees over toes, so I decided to write it myself, before I had even had a chance to use the products!

However over the last few months I’ve been doing extensive research on each of the various slant board options including…

Purchasing & Personally Testing Each Slant Board

I’m currently still in the process of testing each of these slant boards.

I am using the SBG slant board currently and have ordered all five of the other slant boards discussed in this article, and I’ll be putting each of them through their paces over the coming months.

My testing process is fairly simple when it comes to slant boards and basically just involves doing plenty of reverse step ups, ATG squats, some sissy squats, the occasional ATG split squat, as well as lots of static calf stretching.

I use each slant board for at least a week or two to ensure I’ve seen everything it can do and to make sure I’ve identified all the nuances that come along with regular use.

After each product has been thoroughly put through the wringer, I’ll write a detailed written review which will include a video review component, so you can see me actually using each of the slant boards, which will give you a better feel for how they perform.

Finally, I’ll do a full video roundup review which I’ll embed in this article, so you have the option of reading or watching to get the info you’re looking for.

Negotiating The Best Customer Discounts For Jump Stronger Readers

Part of my mission to be as helpful as possible is to help you guys get the biggest discounts possible.

Over the last few months I’ve been able to negotiate 10% discounts with 4 of these 6 slant board manufacturers.

As always, remember to use the discount code “JUMPSTRONGER” at checkout when buying any of these slant boards to ensure you get the best possible deal!

Continually Updating With New Products & Information

As I gain more experience using each of these slant boards, I’ll be updating this article so that you know exactly how my feelings towards each product evolve over time.

I’m also constantly on the hunt for new slant boards that can offer value to the marketplace for inclusion in this article.

If you’re a slant board manufacturer and want your product reviewed and included in this article, please get in touch.

Feel free to read more about my product testing standards and review process.

What Is A VMO Board?

A VMO board is the exact same thing as a slant board; it’s just a different name.

VMO refers to the vastus medialis obliquus quad muscle which is heavily activated when doing certain slant board exercises.

Check out this article to learn about all of the benefits of using a slant board.

Best Angle For A Slant Board?

There is no single optimal angle to use a slant board at. It depends a lot on what you’re using it for and where your flexibility is at.

ATG Slant Board Angle

Basic stretches could be effective at 20 degrees for some people and 35 degrees might be optimal for more flexible athletes.

A good starting point would be between 25-30 degrees which will be fine for the vast majority of uses including stretching, ATG squats, ATG split squats, Patrick steps, etc.

What Slant Board Does Knees Over Toes Guy Use?

Ben Patrick has spoken very highly of both the Slant Board Guy’s products as well as the MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun slant board and has been seen in multiple videos using both of these products.

He appears to favor the Slant Board Guy’s product and it seemingly gets a lot more usage than his VMO board!

Be sure to check out my full list of knees over toes training equipment to see all the different gear Ben Patrick uses!

Best Slant Board For Kids?

Any of these slant boards are decent options for kids, although the Lumia Wellness foam slant board might be the safest.

Since the FAE slant board is very lightweight and isn’t too sharp or rough around the edges, I’d probably recommend that as the best overall slant board for children.

Our Top Recommendation

MR1NF1N1TY X Shogun VMO Pro

This slant board doubles as a step up box, making it one of the most versatile and portable solutions for Poliquin/Patrick step ups.


If you make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.


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