3 Best Reverse Squat Straps In 2023 – Perfect For ATG Training!

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You might have seen Ben Patrick and/or Mr. 1NF1N1TY doing the reverse squat and thought it looked like a killer lower abs/hip flexor exercise…

It is… But the issue with the reverse squat is finding a cable attachment that is a good fit for this movement.

Most gyms simply won’t have a reverse squat strap and I’m yet to find any great substitutes.

So investing in a reverse squat strap is obvious if you’re planning on doing these even somewhat regularly.

My Top Picks:

Freak Athlete Essentials Reverse Squat Strap



Tib Bar Guy Reverse Squat Strap



Click here to read more about the process I used to come up with this list of reverse squat straps…

I’ve put together a list of the 3 best reverse squat straps money can buy and I’m going to explain what I like and don’t like about each of them, so you’ll know exactly which strap to get.

Let’s begin!

Best Value Strap

Freak Athlete Essentials Reverse Squat Strap

FAE Reverse Squat Strap

The most affordable option is the reverse squat strap from Freak Athlete Essentials. The quality is great and it’s by far the cheapest product on the market!


Best Value Reverse Squat Strap

This reverse squat strap was designed specifically for the reverse squat and includes all of the best features of the other straps.

It’s 18″ in length, comes with a heavy duty D-ring, and has adjustable padded foot straps.

The materials are of a surprisingly high quality…

Freak Athlete Essentials Reverse Squat Strap

“I’ve used the strap about 5 times or so and have no complaints at all. It does a great job staying secure on my feet whether barefoot or with shoes.”

Kevin Kendall, FAE Website

Great For Reverse Squats… And Much More!

You can also use these things for face pulls, pullovers, triceps extensions, and a number of other exercises.

Price Is The Most Important Factor

Each of these straps are virtually identical…

They’re all made with very similar materials and they all do the exact same thing.

So really the determining factor should be price…

The Freak Athlete Essentials reverse squat strap currently sells for only $19.99 and you can get a further 10% off using my discount code “JUMPSTRONGER”.


These straps do the job extremely well and are cheaper than the alternatives. I don’t see a good reason to pay more for any other strap!

The Good

Most affordable reverse squat strap on the market at under $20!

Surprisingly high quality materials and functions perfectly for reverse squats.

The Bad

These are so popular that they tend to sell out really quickly!

Best Overall Strap

TBG Reverse Squat Strap

TBG Reverse Squat Strap

The Tib Bar Guy has produced a reverse squat strap that’s identical to the one you’ve seen Ben Patrick and Mr. 1NF1N1TY using on YouTube. It’s also significantly cheaper than other options on the market making this one of the best reverse squat straps money can buy!


Best Reverse Squat Strap – Runner Up

The Tib Bar Guy also makes a strap designed specifically for the reverse squat.

These straps are also quite high quality, made with 1/4″ neoprene padding for extra comfort and a super secure fit around your feet.

Tib Bar Guy Reverse Squat Strap

Although it’s $5 more expensive than the FAE strap, it’s still 30% cheaper than other identical products on the market such as the Mr. 1NF1N1TY reverse squat strap…

Since the FAE strap is most likely going to be sold out, the TBG strap is easily your next best option!


Get this reverse squat strap if the one by Freak Athlete Essentials is sold out and you don’t want to preorder and wait for weeks!

The Good

Quality materials, appropriate length, adjustable padded foot strap.

More affordable than all other reverse squat straps excluding the FAE strap.

The Bad

This strap is about $5 more expensive than the FAE strap.


Also Decent

Schiek Heavy Duty Padded Ab Strap

Schiek Heavy Duty Padded Ab Strap

Another decent option that checks all the boxes is the Schiek ab strap which is the perfect length and made of quality materials.

The Original Reverse Squat Strap

This is the original ab strap Ben Patrick started using when he popularized the reverse squat.

It’s this design that pretty much all other reverse squat straps were based off.

Unfortunately it’s a little more expensive than the FAE/TBG straps, but it does retail through Amazon which is nice and convenient.


This is a great choice for anyone who’s happy to pay a little extra for the convenience of buying through Amazon.

The Good

Conveniently retails through Amazon.

The Bad

It’s a bit more expensive than the aforementioned straps.

Final Verdict?

I’ll make this one real simple for you…

Unless the FAE reverse squat strap is sold out, which happens fairly often, I don’t see any good reason to buy another strap.

All of these reverse squat straps are virtually identical yet this one’s the cheapest.

If they are sold out, definitely go for the TBG reverse squat strap which is only $5 more expensive but has next day shipping.

If you’re happy to pay an even larger premium, you can always just order the Schiek reverse squat strap in just a couple clicks from Amazon.

All of these products will get the job done really well, so it’s just a matter of price and shipping!

My Reverse Squat Strap Testing & Review Process

I always make it my mission to be as comprehensive as possible with these product reviews so I can be as helpful as possible to my readers.

Unfortunately, I’ve not yet been able to test any of these straps, as getting products imported into the Kingdom of Thailand (where I’m currently based) can be a fairly slow and arduous process…

I have however ordered a TBG reverse squat strap as well as one of the FAE straps too.

So in the interest of full transparency, I cannot yet speak about these products from first hand experience.

Within a few weeks I’ll be able to report back with some more detailed information and I’ll update this article accordingly.

Since there wasn’t much information available on the internet about reverse squat straps, I decided to take the time to research each of these options and put together this list anyway, hoping some of you would find it helpful.

Products That Didn’t Make The Cut…

Mr. 1NF1N1TY (AKA Derek Williams) created one of the first reverse squat straps which still sells today, however it’s far too expensive for me to recommend it in this article.

At ~$34.50, it’s almost $10 more expensive than the most expensive strap in this article!

It appears to be identical in design to each of the straps discussed in this article, so I’ve not bothered to include it.

Negotiating The Best Customer Discounts For Jump Stronger Readers

Part of my mission to be as helpful as possible is to help you guys get the biggest discounts possible.

Over the last few months I’ve been able to negotiate 10% customer discounts with both TBG and FAE.

As always, remember to use the discount code “JUMPSTRONGER” at checkout when buying any of these straps to ensure you get the best possible deal!

Continually Updating With New Products & Information

As I gain more experience using each of these straps, I’ll be updating this article so that you know exactly how my feelings towards each product evolve over time.

I’m also constantly on the hunt for new reverse squat straps that can offer value to the marketplace for inclusion in this article.

Feel free to read more about my product testing standards and review process.

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