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Harvey Meale

My name’s Harvey. I’m a 27 year old former international level volleyballer who has a passion for the science of vertical jump training.

Early Athletic Career & Interest In Vertical Jump

Ever since the age of 10, I’ve been enthralled with the field of vertical jump training. I wanted to dunk so badly growing up and spent a lot of my youth experimenting with different squat and plyometric routines. I made some progress and ended up on the national youth volleyball team (I’m Australian) but never quite succeeded as an athlete. In high school I was overworked, underfed, and sleep deprived and I believe this was largely to blame for my slow results.

On top of that, I was never particularly bouncy or speedy as a student athlete growing up. Aside from my height, (I’m 6’5″), I’m remarkably average genetically. At the peak of my volleyball career I only managed a 35″ running vertical at age 17 after years of training full time.

Why Jump Stronger?

I created this blog as a way to share with others the information I’m learning about vertical jump training.

As I experiment on my own body and learn what does and doesn’t work, I want to be able to share that with those on a similar journey. I also spend a ton of time reading papers, listening to podcasts, and digging through the web for anything I can find on jumping higher.

Every week I will be writing deep dive articles on all sorts of subjects that fall under the umbrella of vertical jump training. I fully expect that eventually Jump Stronger will become an all-in-one resource for everything vertical jump related.

I take pride in my writing and only want to produce the best content possible. Each of my articles is thoroughly researched and jam-packed with useful and practical information based on the literature and my own experiences as an athlete.

For the volleyball fans out there, I also write on Volleyball Vault as my other project, so feel free to check that out!