Our Mission At Jump Stronger

Jump Stronger was originally created as a way to help educate athletes about vertical jump training.

There wasn’t a ton of information on the internet surrounding this subject, so we decided to dive deep into the research and start producing as many science-backed informational articles about the topic we could.

Jump Stronger quickly established itself as the go-to resource for vertical jump training related information on the internet.

Recently we’ve been expanding the subject matter we write about here to include a number of adjacent topics, such as knees over toes training, strength and conditioning, and injury rehabilitation.

Another large part of what we do here at Jump Stronger is advise our readers on which training equipment they should be using to help them reach their goals faster.

We pride ourselves on producing the most well researched and comprehensive product reviews and comparisons in the fitness space.

Our one objective at Jump Stronger is simply to be as helpful as possible to our audience, whether that’s advising on vertical jump training periodization, or offering recommendations on which shoes are best for plyometrics.

Our Team

Harvey Meale

Harvey Meale – Founder

I’m a 27 year old former international level volleyballer who has a passion for the science of vertical jump training as well as anything sports performance or strength and conditioning related.

Since the age of 10, I’ve been obsessed with the field of vertical jump training.

I wanted to dunk so badly growing up and spent a lot of my youth experimenting with different squat and plyometric routines.

I made decent progress and ended up on the national youth volleyball team (I’m Australian) but never quite succeeded as an athlete in my earlier years.

After a few years at uni, I developed a strong interest in writing as well as SEO and I decided to fuse those skills with my passion for jump training by creating Jump Stronger.

I now spend my days in Thailand training full time and writing, and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Eric Richter – Physiotherapist & Strength Coach

I’m a physiotherapist currently working at a private clinic in Southern Canada, and a strength and conditioning coach at an MMA gym. 

In the past 7 years, I’ve graduated at the University of Manitoba with a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy, and have enjoyed working with both amateur and professional athletes, weekend warriors, everyday people, and patients at hospitals to help them take control of their pain and reach their health goals.

I love training and utilizing exercises to rehabilitate my clients.

As an avid hockey player and snowboarder, I have first-hand experience with many injuries, and love helping my clients leave the clinic with a smile on their face and in more control of their pain!

If you don’t see me in the clinic or at the gym, you’ll most likely find me nose-deep in the latest research with a tray of sushi beside me. 

Find me on Instagram @ericrichterpt, I would love to chat!