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Harvey Meale

My Journey To A 45″ Vertical Jump

Since the age of 10 I’ve been obsessed with increasing my vertical jump. I’m currently on my own vertical jump journey hoping to one day reach a 45″ vertical jump.

When I’m not in the gym, I’m researching and writing about sports performance here on Jump Stronger.

Increase Vertical Jump

Increase Vertical Jump

Understanding the principles of vertical jump training is going to make you a far more complete athlete.

Knees Over Toes

Knees Over Toes

Bulletproof knees go a long way to athletic longevity, which is why ‘knees over toes’ is a big component of my training philosophy.

Training Equipment & Reviews

Training Equipment

Knowing what training equipment is worth spending money on is going to help you develop as an athlete more quickly.

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Feel free to check out some of my most popular articles to get a feel for the sort of topics I write about.

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Increase Your Vertical Jump

My mission with Jump Stronger is to help educate as many athletes as possible about the most effective ways to increase their vertical jump.

I do this primarily through staying up to date with the latest research on the subject and by answering your most commonly asked vertical jump questions in my articles.

Instead of buying a vertical jump program and blindly following it, I encourage athletes to spend as much time as possible reading and soaking up information so that they can fully understand the principles behind jumping higher.

All of my content is free and I’m sure you’ll get plenty of value from taking the time to comb through it.

Good luck and may all your jumps be strong!