Join Me On My Journey To A 45″ Vertical Jump!

Since the age of 10 I’ve been obsessed with vertical jump training. I’ve recently decided to dedicate my life to maximizing my vertical jump and I’ll be writing about my journey here at Jump Stronger.

While my focus is primarily on jump training, I’m also very interested in the broader topic of strength and conditioning for sports performance and elite athletes.

Harvey Meale

My commitment to producing the highest quality content

I cover a fairly wide range of topics from general strength training right through to the nitty gritty vertical jump training tactics.

All of my articles are written with the aim of being as accurate and helpful as humanly possible to the end reader.

I do this by referencing scientific papers and industry experts as well as producing the most well-researched product reviews in the industry.

Here at Jump Stronger, I produce content across 3 key areas…

How To Jump Higher

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The bulk of my content discusses how you can go about increasing your vertical jump.

Knees Over Toes & ATG

Knees Over Toes

I’m a big proponent of developing foundational strength through the knees over toes methodology.

Training Equipment

Training Equipment & Reviews

I make detailed reviews of the training equipment I use to develop my own vertical jump.